The BCS staff and parent volunteers provide BCS students with programs that enrich learning and the curriculum. Staff and parent partnership is integral to the success of these offerings. Several BCS curriculum enrichment activities take place during Choice Hour and begin the first quarter of the school year. Many programs also include a team element allowing students to compete at a local, regional and/or state level.

BCS offers a wide variety of enrichment activities for all students. For a snapshot of these activities, please click here.

Contact: Jordy Whitmer
Meeting Times: Choice Hour
Grades: 6-8
BCS is tweaking its robotics team to include a variety of team members: designers, makers, coders, artists, crafters, photographers, leaders, problem-finders, problem-solvers, mathematicians, etc. ALL are needed for a successful team. The team is selected to encompass a diverse group in terms of abilities/interests, ages, gender, experience, etc. The team meets twice a week during choice hour with optional extra meetings off and on throughout the year. In April, interested members will go to Lawrence Tech for their Robofest (http://www.robofest.net/index.php/about). Students will develop their skills in design, problem-solving, teamwork, leadership, and interpersonal communication while also building their knowledge in science, engineering and technology.

Contact Person: Valerie Weage
Meeting Times: Choice Hour
Grades: 6-8
Math Counts is a national enrichment club and competition program that promotes middle school mathematics. A variety of problems are explored through team/individual practice in preparation for a regional contest. The choice hour class is open to students in grades 6-8.

Contact Person: Courtney Bassett
Participation Times: October through January
Grades: 6-8
In recent years, the students have performed Disney’s Jungle Book, Rogers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma, Disney’s The Little Mermaid Jr., Guys and Dolls Jr., and Seussical Jr. This year, BCS students will tell the tale of a street rat who becomes a prince in Disney’s Aladdin Jr. in January 2016.

Contact People: Tammy Brown and David Cryberg
Meeting Times: Choice Hour, fall and spring
Grades: 5-8
Students learn about beekeeping and help maintain and monitor our BCS hives. Students will have the opportunity to observe and care for honeybees in their hives at the Environmental Center behind Bingham Farms Elementary.

Contact Person: Nicole Toth
Meeting Times: All year, Choice Hour
Grades: 7-8
Developing creative ideas to enhance our BCS spirit is the responsibility of the Spirit Committee. Possible activities include dances, pep rallies, activity nights, sports contests and community service fund-raisers. In the process of planning, students enhance their leadership, teamwork, decision-making, and marketing skills. BirminghamCovingtonSchoolBCS A Birmingham Public School

Contact People: Courtney Bassett
Meeting Times: Choice Hour
Grades: 7-8
Students plan, design, and create the BCS student yearbook. This includes taking digital photos, writing captions, and designing the layout for the Yearbook using Jostens Publishing Yeartech Online software. Students are also responsible for marketing and sale of the yearbooks.

Contact People: Cindy Balicki
Meeting Times: School competition in January Grades: 5-8
Classroom winners are invited to compete in the schoolwide BCS spelling bee. The winner competes at the county level.

Contact Person: Linda Stone
Meeting Times: Choice Hour
Grades: 3
Students learn and play five math games with complex and sometimes extensive rules. Students spend the first half of the year learning the games and the second half of the year using tournament rules. This year long class culminates in a full day tournament in early May.

Contact People: Tammy Brown and Chris Emmi
Meeting Times: Choice Hour Grades: 4-8
Students participate in interschool tournaments in March. Individual and team events follow the format of popular board games, TV shows and athletic events. Events are a balance among biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, computers and technology.

Contact Person: Courtney Bassett
Participation Times: All Year
Grades: 5-8
Students learn the basics of forensics, public speaking, and public forum debate. Special attention is paid to understanding the different events in forensics as well as learning the art of performance critique. Students also learn how to argue both sides of a given resolution in debate with special attention given to the art of cross examination. Students compete in statewide forensic and debate tournaments. Students must audition to be in the class.

Contact Person: Linda Stone
Meeting Times: Choice Hour
Grades: 3-8
Skills for Living choice hour classes encourage students to discover and further develop their own resources and capabilities to be used in their personal life. Some of the classes offered are Healthy Snacks, Learn to Sew, Learn to Knit and Learn to Crochet.

Contact Person: Jennifer Thompson and Tamra Nast
Meeting Times: Choice Hour
Grades: 5-8
We have so many wonderful things happening at BCS! We need to capture and spotlight these special moments and events. Students in this Choice Hour will be responsible for creating a newsletter where these stories will be shared with all! Looking for students who want to make a difference by sharing the “Great News” that we don’t always hear about.

Contact Person: Mat Brown
Meeting Times: Choice Hour
Grades: 3-4
RoboTech is an introduction to Lego Robotics and Technology, its principles and concepts, and the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) program. Students will have opportunities to build robots using Robotics kits.

Destination Imagination
Contact: Pauline Roberts
Meeting Times: Choice Hour Grades: 6-8
Do you aspire to be an entrepreneur? Would you like to learn how to identify a need, set up a real school business and earn extra income for our school, or a social cause of your choice? Learn how to develop a business plan, implement it, market it, and track your success. Meet and learn from local, successful entrepreneurs and get hands on experience running your own school business. This is a yearlong commitment enabling students to learn workplace skills like problem-solving, communication and teamwork.

Contact Person: Mrs. Hatfield, Birmingham Bloomfield Credit Union Meeting Times: Choice Hour
Grades: 6-8
Students learn all about managing their money. This kid friendly class will address financial planning, work and earning money, budgeting, saving and investing, and understanding credit.

Contact: Brenna Adams
Meeting Times: Choice Hour
Grades: 3-5
Destination Imagination is where creativity meets STEM! Students work as a team to have fun, take risks, solve interesting challenges, build friendships, and unleash their imaginations. Students will compete at a tournament in March and possibly more if they qualify.

M.S.B.O.A. SOLO AND ENSEMBLE FESTIVAL FOR BAND AND ORCHESTRA Contact Person: Jeff Krum, band/Lynne Gillespie, orchestra
Participation Time: Registration takes place in January
Grades: 7-8
Instrumental music students participate in a solo or ensemble performance that is adjudicated by a professional musician. With direction from private teachers or specially arranged help from the classroom teacher, students prepare music on a challenging level that increases technical skills and sharpens their awareness of performance fundamentals. This festival participation is also open to those band and orchestra members who study piano.

Contact Person: Jeff Krum, band / Lynne Gillespie, orchestra
Participation Time: January
Grades: 5-8
BCS hosts regional scholarship auditions for Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. Students interested in instrumental music, art, theater and dance are eligible to participate.

Participation Times: September through June
Grades: 5-8
5th grade beginning band and orchestra students can advance their new skills with additional practice sessions offered in various choice hours throughout the week.

Contact Person: Pauline Roberts
Meeting Times: Choice Hour
Grades: 5-8
BCS is trying to come up with new ways to “think green.” Students will continue to work on two current projects: recyling and a natural habitat. This class has evolved from an education focus to a solutions focus.

Contact Person: Mrs. Armstrong
Meeting Times: Choice Hour
Grades: 6-8
Students make simple dresses out of pillow cases to be delivered to the girls in Zambia in support of Project Cope. Students in this class design, cut, sew and finish these pillow case dresses.

Contact: Rick Joseph
Meeting Times: Choice Hour
Grades: 3-8
Do you know someone whose culture, language or religion is different from your own? Have you always wanted to learn more about it? CIC is for you. Participants will take turns each week sharing their ancestral language, clothing, religion and food through presentations, artifacts and a student-brought snack to share. Presenting is not mandatory, but unsure students might change their minds after watching others share their family culture and traditions. BCS contains a rich collection of families from all over the world. Come and celebrate who we are!

Contact: Coach Erika Kowalski Meeting
Times: Choice Hour
Grades: 3-5
Exercise can be fun with an hour of Cheer, Dance and Pom. Learn routines, basic moves, tumbling, gymnastic skills and stunts. No equipment is needed. Wear comfortable clothing. Girls will showcase what they have learned in a performance on the last day for family and friends.

Contact People: Bill Johansson and Chris Manchester
Meeting Times: Winter
Grades: 3-8
Jump Rope for Heart and Hoops for Heart are districtwide fundraising events that benefit the American Heart Association. Students in grades 3-4 may choose to participate in Jump Rope for Heart activities. Hoops for Heart is a program for students in grades 5-8. They will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of fun basketball-based activities as a reward for their fundraising efforts.

Contact Person: Jason Hill
Meeting Time: Varies by sport
Grades: 6-8
There are four sports seasons at BCS. Each season lasts the better part of a marking period. The seasons are referred to as Fall, Winter 1, Winter 2 and Spring. Fall sports include 7/8 boys’ soccer, 7th and 8th grade girls’ basketball and 6/7/8 boys’ and girls’ cross country. Winter 1 sports include 7th and 8th grade boys’ basketball and 6 and 7/8 girls’ swimming. Winter 2 sports include 6 and 7/8 boys’ swimming and 7th and 8th grade girls’ volleyball. Spring sports include 6 and 7/8 boys’ track and field, 6 and 7/8 girls’ track and field, 7/8 girls’ soccer and 6 and 7/8 boys’ tennis.

Meeting Times: Before and after school
Grades: 3-8
Some of the Proud Dads sports which may be offered throughout the school year are football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, snow club, baseball, golf and personal fitness.

Contact Person: Nate Black
Meeting Times: Lunch Recess, occasionally during the school year.
Grades: 3-8
Moms’ or Dads’ Eat and Run is a designated day(s) when moms or dads are invited to come to their child’s lunch hour to have lunch in the cafeteria and to play outside. This popular activity enables parents to enjoy their student and his or her friends in a relaxed manner during the school day.

Contact Person: Linda Stone
Meeting Times: Choice Hour
Grades: 3-8
A variety of sports activities are offered: including recreational swimming, competitive swim conditioning, flag football, Ultimate Frisbee, soccer, softball, basketball, team fitness and girls’ field hockey.

Contact Person: Joe Leibson and Roy McCloud
Meeting Times: Choice Hour
Grades: 7-8
This group will be involved with leadership training to further infuse character education throughout BCS using the “Be the Change” program. Immediate student responsibilities would include formulating a plan on how to deliver and implement the message behind “Be the Change” to the rest of BCS. The leadership choice hour classes will meet on Mondays and Thursdays and will be facilitated by Mr. Leibson and Mr. McCloud. This will be an amazing opportunity for students to grow their self confidence and develop skills essential to think broadly about the whole picture in the school setting.

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