Choice Hour

"The Choice Hour Program at BCS is a unique feature of our school"

The BCS Choice Hour

The Choice Hour Program at BCS is a unique feature of our school. Students are offered a variety of opportunities to supplement their education through electives in technology, academic competitions, sports, academic support, the arts, and school/community service.

All students must participate in three days of Choice Hour classes, unless their parents have signed a waiver due to other after school enrichment opportunities provided. Many students choose to participate all five days of the week.

Philosophy of the Choice Hour Program

Students enroll in Choice Hour classes for a variety of reasons. In some cases, students explore new educational experiences. In other situations, students are interested in or talented at a particular activity, and the Choice Hour program provides an opportunity for refining skills and interests. Students may also choose a choice hour to receive additional support. In still other cases, students have been assigned to a class, because they have not completed the schedule request form. Our expanded day Choice Hour offers ours students additional learning experiences based on their interests and abilities. This is truly unique to BCS!

Additional Information

Click here to view more about our current Choice Hour offerings or here to contact our Choice Hour coordinator.