Lunch trimes by grade level are listed in the Daily Schedule.

Food Service and Lunch Menu


Lunch Menu

Menus and nutrition information are provided at Chartwells School Dining Services.

BPS School Meal Price Increase Letter - Aug. 2016


Student Lunch Accounts


Student lunch accounts can be viewed and managed via SendMoneyToSchool.Com (student ID number required to register).

BPS District Policy for Negative Lunch Balance

Alternative Lunch Program

Students who pay for lunch will be allowed to charge (negative balance) one (1) lunch on their lunch account with Principal approval. After the student has reached the maximum charge limit, the student will be offered an alternate meal of a milk, a cheese sandwich and fresh fruit or vegatable. For more information see the BPS Policy on Negative Balances. BCS follows the Middle School Lunch Program guidelines.

Free / Reduced Lunch Program

Food Service Details and Contact Information

Birmingham Public Schools Food Services

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