Attendance/Absence Reporting

All students who will be absent or tardy must be reported by parents each day by 8:45 a.m.

Absences or tardies not reported to the BCS attendance office will be recorded as unexcused.

Please note that sending a note to your child's teacher does not excuse your child. Always contact the attendance office first in the event of a student absence.

Phone: 248-203-4444, press 2

Send Detailed E-mail


Please Email with the following information:

1. Student name and homeroom/academic lab teacher

2. Will the student be absent or tardy?

3. How long will the student be absent?

4. Reason for absence or tardiness:

    o Appointment (a doctor’s note is necessary for your child to be considered Excused Exempt if at ortho, dentist, pediatrician, etc.)

    o Illness (please state the nature of illness, eg: flu, stomach virus, pink eye, strep, etc.)

    o Shadowing at a High School

    o Bereavement

    o Religious Holiday

    o Vacation


  • If Email is unavailable, please call 248-203-4444, press 2, follow the phone prompts, and provide the information above. The phone system does not accept text messages.


  • Extended Absence Requests: Students who have planned absences of more than 2 days need to submit an Extended Absence Request Form to the BCS Office to be signed by the BCS principal. Please go to the BPS website to download the form: , families tab, and then ATTENDANCE tab.


Thank you for following these procedures. It will help to ensure that your child’s absence or tardy will be recorded properly. To review the district’s entire attendance policy and read an explanation of what qualifies as an Excused Exempt absence to be please go to the BPS website at .

Choice Hour Absence

If reporting an absence from Choice Hour only, Email Linda Stone or call (248) 203-4625.