The Wellness Committee organizes events and educational activities that will promote health and wellness for our BCS students. In addition, this committee has worked closely with our Food Services to ensure healthy food choices at BCS.


2015-2016 Chair: Daniela Davis

BPSWellness Google Group

Please consider joining the new BPSWellness Google Group at www.groups.google.com/group/bpswellness.

The group was formed by the Birmingham Public Schools Wellness Committee. This committee has been responsible for helping to make the food our kids eat in school more healthy. Recently, the committee met with top managers of Prairie Farms Dairy to urge them to stop using high fructose corn syrup in flavored milks, and to reduce overall the amount of sweetener they are using in those milks. Prairie Farms were very receptive.

The Google Group is a great way to share information on health and wellness. The group is open to anyone, and all posts are public.

To start a new thread, simply send an email to bpswellness@googlegroups.com. To participate in the group through the group site, visit www.groups.google.com/group/bpswellness.

If you choose to join, you can set your subscription to send a copy of every message posted to the group as the messages are posted, or you can choose to receive just one email per day, or none at all.

Thank you to Clint Baller for this information.

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