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October 27, 2013


Hello BCS!


As we enter Halloween week, let us remember a key component of our community: SAFETY!  This past week was America’s Safe Schools Week, sponsored by the National School Safety Center (NSSC).  Within BPS and at BCS, we believe every week ought to be treated as Safe Schools Week. To that end, we’d like to take a moment to remind our BCS community of the safety procedures we have in place to help keep our community of learners safe.

1.      Each school utilizes a Visitor Notification System (VNS) for guests entering our school. This “buzz” system keeps our doors locked during the school day until building staff can verify the identity and purpose of our guests.

2.      Students and staff regularly practice safety drills such as evacuation, fire, tornado and lockdown as practice in the event of a crisis or natural disaster.

3.      This past August, we conducted a safety review of our practices with our Bloomfield Township Police Liaison.

4.      We regularly conduct perimeter checks of our school to assure doors are secure and that perimeter access is limited only to doors assigned for entry.

NSSC's goal in this campaign is to motivate key education and law enforcement policymakers, as well as students, parents and community residents, to vigorously advocate school safety. School safety includes keeping campuses free of crime and violence, improving discipline, and increasing student attendance. School that are safe and free of violence, weapons and drugs are necessary to ensure the well-being of all children and the quality of their education.  We are indeed fortunate to live and/or serve in this incredible Birmingham Community.  Thank you for your support in helping maintain the safety of BSC, and let’s make it a safe and enjoyable Halloween evening for our students.


We also look forward to our annual BCS Halloween Parade beginning at 1:45 p.m. on Thursday.  We welcome any parents/guardians come up to school and watch the parade from outside around our parking lot.  Patricia and I will picking up the teachers and students inside the school and making our way out the doors by tech services (east end of the circle drive), make our way around the front of the building, over by the bus loop (west end of school), and then back inside for the classroom parties.


Instead of giving BCS students candy throughout this week, consider supporting our student-led BCS Spirit Committee’s "Change for Chilupula Challenge" (C3) collection drive going on all week.  We are asking our community to give from their heart knowing WHY they should contribute to our Project Cope Zambia effort – Learn Globally – which will help us Serve Locally!  Click on the following link for the flyer detailing the effort: Change for Chilupula ChallengeAlso, to learn more details on WHY this effort matters, check out the BCS Project Cope wiki. Let this be our next step to helping triple, even quadruple, Chilupula’s economy by raising funds toward the purchase of two, 2-wheeled tractors, wagons, ploughs, rippers, and a water pump for irrigation.


Also, the first Proud Dads Eat & Run of the year is Friday, November 8th during Student Lunches (3/4, 11:45; 5/6, 11:05; 7/8, 12:30).  Stop by and eat with your children!  Traditionally at the Eat & Runs, our Proud Dads have offered donations to worthy causes.  For this Eat & Run, we’re asking our Proud Dads, Moms and Loved Ones to put down their wallets and pick up a pen and sign up to donate their time volunteering for one or more of our awesome BCS events.  Serve Locally!

Click here for the Eat & Run Flyer!

Click here to sign up to volunteer prior to the Eat & Run!


Finally, the BCS Scholastic Book Fair is coming November 11-15.  To get a sneak peak of the schedule, check out the details at the Book Fair website. We’ll see you there!


Here’s to what will be another fantastic week of learning at BCS!


Wishing you well,

Mark Morawski




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Halloween Is Next Week

Halloween is Thursday, and I’m sure you’re feeling the excitement among your children, particularly our younger ones.  At BCS, we welcome parents and guardians to join in our festivities which will begin with an all-school parade at 1:45 p.m on Thursday, October 31.  Parents should remain outside to avoid congestion in our hallways, and the students will proceed outside starting with 3/4 followed by 5/6 and 7/8 students.  The parties will follow the parade immediately back in the students’ homerooms/academic labs.  The parties will conclude just after 3:00 p.m. to prepare for the end of the day and/or for Choice Hour. Please be sure your child is dressed in an appropriate costume in order to avoid scaring any of our younger students.  We ask that students avoid the following:

·         masks that cover the face (masks restrict vision, can lead to accidents, and often frighten younger students)

·         blood-like makeup, real or pretend weapons (knives, guns, swords, etc.), evil, scary, or horror characters

Some suggestions for costumes include:  Inventors, Animals, clothing from an historical period, Presidents, Ethnic clothing, Community helpers (police, fireman…), Super heroes, Careers (doctor, teacher, engineer…), Book characters, Sports (football player, snowboarder, marathoner…), Friendly characters, Food. You could even develop a costume that embraces our BCS Theme Learn Globally, Serve Locally!  Remember that children tend to “act” their costumes, so the appropriateness of the costume is important.  Thank you in advance for helping make this day an enjoyable one for our students, but also one where we can continue with a day of learning.  Happy Halloween!


Elementary Standard Based Grading Information on BPS Website

Further information on elementary standards based grading (grades 3/4 at BCS) is available on our district website at the following link: http://elementary-report-card.birmingham.k12.mi.us/


Recycling Initiatives for Project Cope Zambia

The BCS Thinking Green Team, to help out Project Cope, is conducting several recycling initiatives. There’s nothing to buy, we are simply asking you to protect the environment by donating your used Frito Lay Chip packets and Capri-Sun pouches. Starting next week we are also collecting used, old and/or broken consumer electronics.  Your used item(s) may be tax deductible (see below form) and will be recycled in accordance with EPA regulations. 100% of the proceeds from our recycling initiatives will help fund Project Cope. 

We are willing to collect the following items:

·         Cell Phones

·         Digital Cameras

·         Laptop Computers

·         Digital Video Cameras

·         Electronic Book Readers

·         MP3 Players

·         Handheld Game Systems

·         GPS Devices

·         Capri-Sun pouches

·         Frito Lay brand Chip packets

Please drop off any items you would like to recycle in the receptacles outside the main office.  The Thinking Green team will also be outside on Thursday evenings 3:15- 4:00 if you want to drop of electronics.  We greatly appreciate your support!

Best regards,

Thinking Green team



Tax Deductible Donation Acknowledgement


Parent or Guardian’s Initials

Thank you for your donation. We cannot make any determination as to the value of the specific item(s) you have donated to us. Generally speaking, older items will not warrant a tax deduction (but still can be recycled). You should consult your tax advisor regarding value determination for tax purposes. The IRS requires the following information for tax deductions of $250 or less. Please fill in the information indicated below and retain this for your tax records.

(Insert organization name here) Donation Organization _______ $__________ # of Items Value of Donation ____________ _______________________ Donation Date Description of item(s) ______________ _____________________ Donor’s Name Donor’s Address


Character Connections Word of the week: POSITIVE ATTITUDE

Infuse this word into your conversations with your children throughout the week.

·         “Hope is a waking dream.” –Aristotle

·         “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

·         “Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same.” – Francesca Reigler


WEEK AT A GLANCE –   Week of October 28- November 1, 2013

(Disclaimer:  Please check all your calendars and bcsonline.info in case we missed something) 

ØTo submit an item for next week’s “WAG”, email mz07bps@birmingham.k12.mi.us  by WEDNESDAY 5PM 

Monday, October 28



Tuesday, October 29

·         8 AM BAGELS - $1.25(cream cheese .25 cents) in front of Media Center CLICK HERE FOR FLYER

Wednesday, October 30

·         Another great day at BCS

Thursday, October 31

·         1:45PM-HALLOWEEN PARADE –classroom parties to follow-regular Choice Hours are  scheduled

Friday, November 1

·         In honor of the beginning of our dear 5/6 teacher Ms. Fitz’s “battle” and the end of Breast Cancer Awareness month, her 5/6 students are requesting a PINK OUT AT BCS!  Wear your pink!


·         9:30AM-LOCKDOWN DRILL

·         9:30AM-3/4 Room Parent Meeting-Media Center

·         9:30AM-7/8 Field Trip to see “Shrek the Musical”

Saturday, November 2

·         9-11AM-Saturday School at Berkshire-see below for more information

·         2AM-FALL BACK! - CHANGE YOUR CLOCKS TONIGHT! The annual time changes are also an excellent time to change the batteries in your home smoke detectors! Enjoy that extra hour of sleep.

Hot Entrée menu for the week: LunchMenu-Twitter: @BPSFoodService    Facebook: BPS Food Service 



Congratulations to the 7/8 girls Covington Cross Country team on taking first place at the League Meet last Thursday at Cranbrook.  There were 13 teams from the area and BCS had 4 girls who placed in the top 15 bringing home ribbons. Covington also had the League Champion for the Boys, congrats to Alberto (Bear) W. Click here for a link to Thursday’s results.


PE UPDATES-2nd  Marking Period-Monday, November 4 through Friday, December 6:

Frishman, Seley, Maliszewski, and Wallington will be in the GYM.-MUST WEAR GYM SHOES

Butzin, Davis, Harvath, and Parkin will SWIM.-SEND SUITS, TOWELS AND GOOGLES



The winter 1 season is now open for registration at www.bpsregister.com.  If your athlete is interested in Girls Swimming or Boys Basketball, please be sure to register online and be sure that s/he has a physical on file dated on or after April 15, 2013.  Please see www.bcsonline.info/athletics.html for schedules and other information.


5/6 WILLIAMSBURG TRIP UPDATE -Currently, we have 44 students registered and 11 students on the wait list.  If an additional 33 students register for the trip, we will be able to open a second bus and send all 88 students.  For trip and registration information, click Williamsburg and Virginia Beach Information.  The deadline has been extended to Friday, November 1.





“Paving the Way to Inspiration!”BIRMINGHAM EDUCATION FOUNDATION’S theme for 2013-2014-Please read this important letter from the BEF and Dr. Nerad.  Click BEF Paving the Wayto Inspiration



Friday, November8 at your child’s lunch hour


BATTLE OF THE BOOKS (4TH AND 5TH GRADE)-. Go to the BCS Battle Wiki to download our Battle Information and Permission Slip. The slip must be signed and returned for 4th and 5th grade students to participate. Battle Launch is Monday October 28, 3013.

Participation info and a 10 minute video from last year are on our Battle Wiki. (http://bcsbattle.wikis.birmingham.k12.mi.us/)  

The long awaited Battle Launch is this Monday, October 28, 2013 in the Library Media Center. All forms and information can be found on the BCS Battle Wiki (http://bcsbattle.wikis.birmingham.k12.mi.us/).

·         5th grade Battle Launch- 11:50

·         4th grade Battle Launch 12:50 

A few important points:

1.       This is the final weekend to un-wordle the Battle Titles. Students should submit their guesses  using the Battle Wordle Submission form on our wiki. Form is open until 6p.m. on Sunday evening.

2.       Parents- please review and return the Battle Permission Slip to the media center.(parent and student signatures are required) Priority checkout given to students whose permission slips are on file.  If your child feels unsure about their ability to make a battle team, please visit with us. We have strategies and resources to help. We want them to participate.

·         We have downloadable Battle Scaffolding resources (pacing guide, book summary, graphic organizer options, etc. )

·         Four of our Battle titles are available in audio

·         Battle Study tips

·         Lunch time reading--Battle passes will be available in the cafeteria so students can come to the Battle Castle after they eat for quiet reading time.

·         Battle Class is being offer as a Choice hour class

3.       Parent Battle help needed- We are in need of three chairs-Battle Day (help in organizing Battle Table Coaches), Battle Lunch Chair, and Battle Social Chair. Please contact Mrs. Clark or Mrs. Truesdell.


CONFERENCES ARE NOVEMBER 13 and 14-Learn to Draw Cartoons Workshop will be offered during the half day on Wednesday, November 13.  For more information, click LEARN TO DRAW


SHREK-The Musical- 7/8 FIELD TRIP-Our 7/8 students will be traveling to Groves on Friday, Nov. 1 for the performance of Shrek.  This trip is free to all 7/8 students.  Permission slips have been given to the students, but you may also click  Shrek Permission Slip.  Permission slips are due back to the Academic Lab teacher by Monday, October 28SHREK Flyer



Within the Religious Diversity Journeys program, Eight BCS seventh grade students will participate in six school-day field trips (one trip per month, December-May)  that focus on the differences and similarities among the major religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and also Jainism, Humanism and Native American beliefs.  Students are provided the unique opportunity to ask questions, tour houses of worship and share a meal with those of different faith traditions.  The purpose of this program is to promote greater understanding, awareness and knowledge concerning the many religions prevalent in the Metro Detroit area and to prepare students for life in our increasingly diverse society.  There will be an information meeting, presented by last year’s RDJ students, on Thursday, October 24, at 12:40pm in the Media Center, for any interested 7th grade students.  Applications will be handed out, but you make also click  RDJ.  Applications are due Friday, November 1. 



There are still many students that have not turned in their selections.  Please take care of this as soon as possible, your course options are limited.  QII begins Tuesday November 5th, 2013 and ends Friday January 24th, 2014! 

Please include proper payment if you are signing your child up for a 4th and/or 5th day of Choice Hour.   Students will not be placed in classes without payment.  Do not include payment for classes with materials fees.  A separate billing will be made once students have been placed in their Choice Hour classes.


6-8 Girls Swimming Choice Hour class will be on Monday and Wednesday – please select these classes if you intend to swim for the BCS girls’ swim team.  See Coach Johansson if you have any questions.  Students need an “orange” slip to participate.

7-8 Boys’ Basketball will be on Tuesday and Thursday – team selections will take place after try-outs.  See Coaches Braisted and Bodle if you have questions.  Students need an “orange” slip to participate.



Click McCormick Basketball Campsmore McCormick Basketball


We will dedicate the outdoor classroom to our beloved teacher, Chad Rutherford, who passed away this summer. Fondly named the Rutherford Retreat, we are dedicating this structure to Mr. Rutherford’s “out-of-the-box” teaching style.  We have invited his family to share in this moment and we extend this invitation to anyone whose life he touched.



Saturday School has started!  We enthusiastically invite ALL students and parents of Birmingham Public Schools to come check out the program. Saturday School will run each Saturday of the school year from 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m., excluding breaks.  November: 2, 9, 16, 23, December 7, 14

We are asking that each student bring a $2 donation with them, which will be used for snacks and supplies at Saturday School this year.  Yes, snacks will be provided! 

Students, please bring homework or classwork that you would like help with.  We will pair you up with a volunteer tutor from Groves/Seaholm NHS, University of Michigan Dearborn, Eastern Michigan University, Oakland University, and more!  We look forward to seeing you at 9:00 a.m. this Saturday at Berkshire Middle School!

For further information, please contact:

David Brooks – db26bps@birmingham.k12.mi.us Rudy Erazo – re02bps@birmingham.k12.mi.us


DISTRICT WIDE KIDS’ CLUB OFFERED ON NOVEMBER 5, 2013-For more information click Kids Club Flyer



STRATEGIES TO GROW A HEALTHY BRAIN –Nov. 7, 2013- 7PM.Friends of Different Learners Flyer


MIDVALE MOM2MOM SALE-SATURDAY NOV. 9TH 9-12PM  -Location - Berkshire Middle School Cafeteria

Come and shop for pre-school children's toys, books, clothes, furniture and equipment.

To rent a table - please contact Nicole atECCMom2Mom@gmail.com - or call  248-996-3199

Come and support the Early Childhood Center at this fun event!



·         Part-time Job Opening for an Office Administrator…click here for more details or visit www.bbcoalition.org

·         Attention Parents of 11-19 year olds: your input is needed… We are conducting a short survey to gather important information regarding parental opinions and attitudes of underage substance use and mental health issues in our local communities. This is an anonymous survey and your response is greatly appreciated! Please click this link to access the survey: http://tiny.cc/3uyc4w

·         Wanted Talented High School Bands, Singers & Musicians for the BBCC Youth Action Board Battle of the Bands to be held on Fri., Jan. 17, 7- 10PM, Contact Kelly at kmichaud@bbcoalition.org for more info or to audition.

·         Save the Date! Friday, January 24, 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. BBCC will be holding a Community Summit on Marijuana, Heroin and Molly featuring Judge Jodi Debbrecht Switalski of the 51st District Court. Location: TBD.